Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Editor’s pick: Beautyblender makeup sponge

My first encounter with this genius, egg-shaped makeup marvel happened when fellow beauty addict and workmate offered me one (thanks, Kristen!). I’ve now been using this hot-pink, oval device, a.k.a., the Beautyblender (available at Holt’s) for over a month now, and am impressed. Apparently I’m not the only one; the egg-sponge has a staunch and obsessive following, from pro makeup artists to celebs alike, in addition to a myriad of rave reviews in beauty magazines. The cheap-o, measly, standard-variety sponge – with its pointy corners – has got nothing on this, especially on the streak-free front. With its elliptical form, the Beautyblender allows for no-brainer blending, resulting in a streak-free, almost airbrush-effect application. Plus the soft, tapered tip let’s you get into the contours and hard-to-reach spots of your face, while the rounded base works wonders for the forehead and cheeks. The trick to using this sponge is by stippling and feathering the makeup onto skin. This “why-didn’t-I-think-of-it!” invention was produced by dynamic-duo, Hollywood makeup artists, Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz. They recommend washing it after each use (note: it’s normal of this sponge to expand when wet) and placing it in the insert pedestal to dry. Since it’s non-allergenic and latex and odor free, the sponge should last up to three months with proper care. Best part: once you’re done with the sponge, you can recycle it, instead of tossing it out. Info about the Beautysender program is on the packaging.

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Yumna said...

Sounds very interesting! Next time I'm at Yorkdale, I'll go to Holt's and check it out.