Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Makeup brushes 101: Powder brush

Creating a flawless complexion calls for investing in proper, quality powder brush, so go ahead and splurge on one – guilt-free. What to look for: a full, dense head of soft natural fiber bristles such as squirrel, pony or goat hair, otherwise a blend of these in a tapered, dome shape. The ferrule (the metal part of the brush connecting the wooden handle and bristles together) needs to be tightly secured and hold the hair tightly in place – the best kinds are made of nickel or brass. A superior quality brush will likely be hand crafted with birch, ramin or linden wood handles. I heart this Smashbox Powder Brush # 1 for its weight-y aspect and seamless application of powders, just swirl in your powder compact and sweep all over face for even, blended coverage. Tip: Don’t be afraid to pick up brushes and run the bristles through your fingers for a quick fall-out test. A few strands falling out are acceptable, but if hair continues to fall out, move on to another brush, until you find one you are happy with.

Makeup brushes 101 is a series of articles focusing on an assortment of brush types, brands, accessories as well as use and care.

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